Team Numb Beer Keg Rocket Party

Burnside Brewing - Sunday, September 14th @ 4 - 8pm

Rockets magazine cover

In 2008 we successfully launched and recovered the 1st ever Beer Keg Rocket.

This was an 11 ft tall, 350 lb rocket and the payload was a full, 15-gal keg of Portland's finest beer. We sent the beer keg to over 6,200 ft!

In 2012 we did it again. This time on a bigger motor and a more refined design, the beer keg went to over 7,700 ft!

Now it's time to up the ante!

We are building a 2-Stage Beer Keg Rocket. The 1st stage will have 4 very large 'N-Class' motors and a 5-gal keg of beer. The 2nd stage will be based on the 2012 rocket and will have a full 15-gal keg of beer on board! We're sending the keg of beer to 20,000 ft and a top speed of over 650 MPH!

rocket build in progress

This is a large undertaking and we need YOUR help!

The total project cost is close to $5,000 and we are trying to raise a portion of the funds for the project. If you like beer, or rockets, or both and would like to help support our cause you can donate in the donation box here at Burnside Brewing or by attending the party this Sunday!

This will be an evening of learning about rockets, enjoying great food and beer and helping us get this beastly keg rocket up in the air!! We will have a raffle with some great prizes, the keg rocket on display, other small rockets on display, and Team Numb will be on hand to share rocket stories and videos!